Confessions of a WordPress Neophite

Screenshot of WordPress interface (wordpress i...

Screenshot of WordPress interface (wordpress is under the GPL) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


   At the end of the day last night, or should I say this morning, I wanted to turn my computer off with a 7 Iron.  I ran some errands for a client this morning but now I am all set for the dreaded DAY TWO. My frustration stems from being technically challenged to the point that I can’t figure out how to make this blog look anything like the theme I selected for it.


   There seems to be an understanding that a newcomer to WordPress already understands all of the terminologies and functions of the site. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a marketer, a Brander, a social media marketing strategist, a business coach & mentor, a LinkedIn Trainer, A Sales trainer, a content developer and a whole plethora of other business related activities.


   What I am not yet is a blogger. I have things to say but wont be comfortable sharing them until I get my blog to look the way I want it to look. Do I know people who could help me do this? Absolutely! Unfortunately I am also a stubborn old man. So until I figure this out, my blogs will be about the journey I am on. That is to say, where I am in the process of creating my blog.


   Folks, please feel free to post suggestions in the comments. OK, let’s get to it.


  First and foremost, Thanks to those of you who have followed my blog already and those who have commented on it. I will acknowledge you as soon as I figure out how to do so without specifically sending you an email for that purpose. I don’t want to become one of those annoying people who continually clutter up your mailbox. I clicked the buttons to accept the comments but I don’t see them when I view my post externally. Not sure why?


   So far, I have managed to get my home page up and my first post done, feeble though it was. I emailed the link  out to a few close friends and associates to see what they thought mostly because I wasn’t sure the view that I was previewing was the same as what they were seeing. It was. It was essentially unreadable with the background colour I selected for myself. I toned it down & it didn’t help, so for now I have switched it to white so at least people can see what I am writing.


    Somehow I have created two “ABOUT” tabs on my home page. I have no idea how to delete the second one without deleting the first one too. Before someone suggests it, I have been using help and viewing tutorial videos and they provide excellent answers to questions I don’t need answered. Part of my frustration is not being able to navigate to wherever I need to be to figure this out.


   I have several goals for today. I have a Gravatar. I want to make it show up on my About Page but on the side, not as a background picture. It doesn’t squish well. I moved a gravatar widget into one of the side columns but haven’t figured out how to activate it yet. It wants me to insert a link, but my Gravatar isn’t on a link, it is on my hard drive and in my profile.


   Second goal. Create some Categories. There are a vast array of topics that I hope to address in the next few years and I want to organize them. So far I have two categories “General” and “uncategorized”. I want to add several more today.


   Third goal. Figure out how to delete the second “ABOUT” on my landing page.


   Fourth Goal. Figure out how to get an “About the author” blurb into the footer of these posts along with links to my other media. (I know, I know, go press buttons until you find what you want. Like I tell my clients “First you have to overcome the terror factor”.)


   Interestingly as I type this helpful buttons are appearing in the related content section. I wonder if I can view them in mid post? I can but most of them take me to Wikipedia. The WordPress Icon took me to a different info screen but again it answers questions like “How do I get text to wrap around a picture? Great stuff! Too bad I haven’t figured out how to insert a picture yet.


OK, Fifth Goal. How do I insert pictures. When I chose the theme I expected to find a template with a place to put pictures kind of like you get in Power Point. Not so. I have been thrashing around the different tabs looking for a way to do that. I am starting to think that I should just blog in word, save it as a PDF so it can’t be tampered with and then copy paste it in here. That’s a work around and I want to figure out how to do it inside WordPress. NOTE TO SELF: Explore the Add Media button.


Sixth Goal. Add a second page and maybe even a third page. I want to create a virtual mall for businesses in and around the Fraser Valley Area. I will do a post later  explaining how I got here.


   Six goals are more than enough for one day. That said, I am discovering more things I need to do as I go along, so maybe 10 goals for today.


   I guess the 7th goal is to post my second blog entry so I can scratch one of the 10 off my list right now. I have about 4 hours to work on these other 6 goals before the hockey game starts. I will let you all know tomorrow how much I got accomplished before then and/or during the intermissions.


Eigth Goal. Try to recrop my Gravatar so that my Dragon’s feet aren’t cut off.


Ninth Goal. Why don’t the spaces appear in Fraser Valley Training Group on my About page?


Tenth Goal. Somehow I skipped past the metatags window on my way in. Try to figure out how to get back to that and fill it in. I doubt I will get to all 10 but I will give it my best try.


   I will try to keep the 7 iron in my bag and my frustrations under control. Wish me luck.


Posted by Richard Lindfield May 28/2013


Richard is Director of Training at the Fraser Valley Training Group



2 responses to “Confessions of a WordPress Neophite

  1. LOL. Take the plunge Nela. Chris C from their help service is extremely patient and helpful. After 4 days work I have 7 tabs and 5 posts. The terror factor is lessenning although some of the frustrations remain. Hopefully I can fix it up some more later this wee. Try it.
    You can do this!

  2. Richard, one of the most helpful blogs I’ve read — simply because you’ve admitted to frustrations and I can identify with you. (Of course, just because I have admitted that, does not mean I am prepared to plunge into WordPress myself — but it does mean I feel better about my own terror factor…)

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