Day two update

Through trial and error I accomplished some of my goals for today.

  1. I added a second page to the blog. (The story)
  2. I fixed the name in the header to include spaces.
  3. I eliminated the extra “About” from the menu
  4. I added the story to the menu
  5. I created 30 categories. Now I just need to start filling them with useful content.
  6. I published my second & 3rd posts.
  7. I got another URL that points to this blog.
  8. I added some colour to the header and menu words.
  9. I managed to get the Gravatar to show although it still cuts off one of the feet.
  10. I learned how to reply to comments.

It may not seem like much to you but it was a major accomplishment for me. It may not have been all 10 of the goals on my original list but it is 10 goals accomplished even so. That’s all for today. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.