Positive Visualisation

Apply Positive Visualisation to Golf, Life and Business

I have always been an avid golfer. When I was younger, I used to find every pond, stream, lake, sand trap and hazard on the course. I was a reasonably good ball striker but put a hazard in front of me (ANY hazard) and I would hit directly into it. I would get that hamster wheel turning in my head until all I could see was the hazard and as a result, the hazard was where I ended up.

It took a chance promotion on the Golf Channel (I think it was by Freddie 18 Holes at Ledgeview 049Couples if memory serves) for positive visualisation. The theory was that instead of walking up to your ball, taking one practice swing and then hitting it what you should do is stand directly behind your ball for a moment and visualize the flight of the ball. Picture the trajectory from your club to where it will land. Picture the landing point and the expected roll out. The fact that there is a pond 50 yards away becomes irrelevant when you are visualising a 125 yard shot. “Why would you think about the pond? Your ball will be 50 feet in the air as it goes over the pond!”

That resonated with me and I started implementing it immediately. I’d be lying to you if I said I am NEVER in hazards anymore but I am rarely in hazards anymore and positive visualisation has shaved 10 strokes off my handicap.

So how does this apply to life and to business?

The next time you have an important meeting with that well-heeled client who has business that you desperately need, arrive early. Before you go to meet the client, take a few moments and visualize the positive outcome that you hope to achieve in this meeting. What is your goal? What is the next action that you want to happen. What form will it take? What is your objective for the meeting? What is your fall back objective? How will this roll out once it lands (golf metaphor)?

Once you have formulated your plan for this successful meeting and you have visualised a positive outcome for it, you are ready to go make a confident, professional presentation that impresses your client. Visualise yourself leaving your client’s office with the signed order in your briefcase.

You can do this. Try it. Harness the power of positive visualisation to create success in your business and in your life.