Creating A LinkedIn Profile

Nederlands: Linked In icon

Nederlands: Linked In icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creating a Linked In Profile

Go to and create a basic profile. Make sure the profile contains the following elements.

  1. A Professional Picture (A head shot of appropriate resolution in business attire)
  2. A Profile Summary that explains what benefit you bring to a prospective employer or business partner. (When a prospective employer reads your profile they should smack themselves on the forehead and say “This is exactly what I am looking for!”)
  3. As you create your profile use “key words” that are Appropriate to your industry.
  4. Complete as many sections as you can. Go to “add sections” under edit profile and select the sections that apply.
  5. List the relevant jobs that you have held (current and past) along with descriptions of duties, responsibilities and especially accomplishments.)
  6. List your Education and accreditation and important projects.
  7. Optimize your “Skills & Expertise” Section for the skills you want to be found for as this helps raise your visibility and causes you to appear higher in searches.
  8. List your languages spoken.
  9. Keep your statements simple, honest and pertinent.
  10. Browse the profiles of other members looking for key words that you can include in your profile.
  11. Join Groups that other members of your profession belong to. Follow people who post useful, educational content. Observe without commenting until you learn what kind of comments are appropriate. Anything you say on Linked In or Facebook is forever!
  12. Seek out connections with people in your industry and/or people who teach job search skills or Social Media Marketing (Melonie Dodaro, Brenda Race, Brenda Garcia, Owen Greaves, Carolyn La Page, Richard Lindfield, Victoria Pazukha)
  13. Add an attention grabbing headline to your profile.
  14. Include your location (Abbotsford or Fraser Valley).
  15. Follow Companies who are potential employers or strategic alliances.
  16. Invite friends, family and former business associates to connect with you.
  17. Ask for recommendations (from people you know WELL!)
  18. Endorse the skills of your connections that you KNOW they possess.
  19. Complete your “Contact” Section with up to 3 web site links
  20. Post videos or Slides into various sections.


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