The bubble will burst again!

The bubble will burst again!

Doesn’t anyone remember the dot com bubble of 1997 to 2001? The advent of the internet spawned a plethora of dot com start-ups whose IPOs doubled overnight only to crash and burn later on.  Thousands of dot coms got dot gone in a hurry. It became known as the “dot com crash” on NASDAQ.

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So where are we headed now? Virtually every business now needs to be in social media if they want to survive but which ones?  Meanwhile the choice of social media platforms continues to proliferate.

Two years ago my friend Melonie Dodaro at Top Dog Social Media put out an info-graphic listing 256 social media platforms.  In doing research for this article I found no such handy all-encompassing info graphic. I found lists of around the same number & then I found some 700 more!

It is impossible for any individual to possibly be knowledgeable about all of these platforms. Social Media Marketing Specialists are starting to concentrate more and more on how to use the top 5 or 6 effectively. For business those are LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, Twitter and You Tube. I suspect those will all survive although the incredibly curtailed shrinking organic reach of  LinkedIn and Facebook is being supplanted by paid or “sponsored” updates is turning off the small business world.

The bottom line is that I predict that many of these platforms will disappear some time in the next few years in another spectacular internet melt down. A lot more dot com platforms are going to get dot gone. Don’t believe me? Take a close look at the picture in the heading. How many of the dot com companies pictured in that bubble still exist today?

Here are the links I promised.

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